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Title The Truth About Animals
Author Lucy Cooke
Publisher Basic Books; I Edition (April 17, 2018)
Format Paperback
Pages 352
Language English
ISBN # 1541674081 (ISBN-13: 978-1541674080)


Lucy Cooke has a Master’s in Zoology from British New Collage, Oxford. She specializes in animal behavior and evolution. Among Lucy’s professors at Oxford was Richard Dawkins, who is a world-renowned Zoologist and author. Lucy is passionate about conservation as well as her love of all sloth kind. She is referred to as the next David Attenborough in some circles.

Her Curriculum Vitae includes a diverse range of skills including: television producer, director, award- winning documentary presenter, and filmmaker. Lucy has lecture at TED talks, was a New York Times best-selling author, and founded the Sloth Appreciation Society.

In May, 2015 at the age of 45, Lucy was diagnosed with breast cancer. She changed her lifestyle as a result of the diagnosis and has an increased appreciation of life and love.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


Litercurious Book Reviews

TitleElephant: Stunning Photographs of the World’s
Biggest Land Mammals
AuthorTom Jackson
PublisherAmber Books
GenreNature, Science, Reference
Pages 224 Pages / 175 photos
ISBN #9781782749660


Tom Jackson is a leading natural history writer based in the United Kingdom. As an author and contributor he has worked on more than 60 books. A zoology graduate from the University of Bristol, he has also worked as a zookeeper and in safari parks in Zimbabwe.


Tom Jackson is the author of Elephants. He created a bright, bold and resplendently illustrated gallery of the species Elephas Maximus. His work is a snap-shot of the worlds largest land mammal. It is bristling with a huge array of simply beguiling, double and single full page spreads. The photographs are full color, ultrahigh definition of the African and Indian Elephants in their natural habitats. Among the images are pictures of the animals at the various stages of maturation. Bulls, cows, and calfs are depicted alone and in family groups and herds.

The stunning photographs are accompanied by short informative passages relating to the photograph and the elephants. There are some interesting factoids scattered throughout the book in bite sized pieces for your entertainment. You can expect to increase your knowledge of the species and the subspecies; from the African bush Elephants to the Asian pygmy variety. You will learn how the elephants reproduce, feed, hunt, rear their calfs and defend their herds.


Elephants, by Tom Jackson is a breath taking collection of the very best nature photography you will see. The images have managed to capture the very soul of the animal. I found it profoundly touching knowing that they face such serious threats from poachers, who hunt them for their ivory.

Jackson managed to infect me with his passion for this subject. His work is thought provoking and challenging at times. He clearly has a great respect for these most majestic of all land animals. He is very concerned about their future. His short annotations compliment completely the 175 vivid images.

Although the concept of the book is simply delivered, the profundity of the contents will continue to fill your dreams long after you have closed the book.

My favorite images in the book were of the calfs. They have to be seen to be believed. They are so touching, as to warm even the coldest heart. They are the very definition of adorable.


Amber Books are the monarchs of nature photography publications. Elephants, by Tom Jackson is another stupendous offering from this esteemed publishing house. Quality comes as standard with Amber Books and they always produce a superior product. So it was no surprise to me, having reviewed several of their earlier publications, that Elephants continues their sterling work.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I would like to thank Tom Jackson, NetGalley and Amber Books for affording me the opportunity to review Elephants.


HORSES – Review

Litercurious Book Review

AuthorPaula Hammond
PublisherAmber Books (September 1, 2020)
ISBN 10/131838860177 / 978-1838860172


Paula Hammond is a prolific writer with an extensive catalogue of successful publications. Her catalogue includes an extensive range of subjects and topics. Her central recurring themes are nature and science; they are her passion.

Hammond began her career as an editor. Since then she has worked as a publisher, educational consultant, copy-writer, ghost-writer, author, and journalist. To date, Paula has written over 50 fiction and non-fiction books for publishers such as Harper Collins, Marshall Cavendish, Scholastic, and World Book. She also writes regular columns and features for a variety of news-stand magazines and journals.


Horses is 224 pages of sheer pleasurable reading for those who appreciate the equine species. Inside this exquisitely illustrated catalogue you will find a myriad of horse breeds. No horse was left behind in this testament to the animal and its noble continence. Most breeds are included from the Appaloosa and the Palomino, to the Konik and the Potok. Horses is a celebration of the many types of equine to be found globally.

Hammond presents a detailed record of the lifecycle of the horse from foal all the way to adulthood. She explains the different terms used to describe young horses such as a foal, a filly, and a colt. She goes on to explain to the reader the different terms for adult horses such as mare, gelding, and stallion. She further explains the unique differences between classifying the animals as horses, ponies, or miniature horses. The author references the different colors used to describe horses such as buckskin, chestnut, roan, paint, and many others. Equine care is also covered. It includes general care, grooming, and related welfare considerations. She includes anatomical illustrations of the animal for greater understanding.

Horses gives a brief description of individual breeds with their specific differences. It describes the anatomy of the horse from its frog to its flank, from its nose to its tail. The book details the duties best suited for each breed; from draft horse to show horses. There are numerous pictures of horses in their individual occupations: show horses, draft horses, ceremonial horses, steeple chase, polo, racing, and many more. Hammond also dedicates a brief portion of the book to the few remaining wild horse herds around the globe.

Hammond includes the history of some of the breeds. She gives a historic perspective on the link between humanity and the species. This includes the past and present-day domestication of equines internationally. She explains how selective breeding is applied in-order-to produce breeds with characteristics that are-seen-as valuable.

The photographs are full, double, and half page spreads of the highest quality, definition, and color. Horses is truly a thing of beauty and will be a joy forever in your collection of equine related literature.


Overall, a very nice book. I was ecstatic to be given the opportunity to read and review another of Paula Hammond’s nature-based publications. I recently read and reviewed her Tigers book. You can see that review here. You may also find our review of Beautiful Horses, by Liz Wright you can see it here.

Horses, by Paula Hammond is a stunningly illustrated, beautifully narrated and skillfully written work. Containing 200 high definition, highly colored, rich, photographs that paint an evocative image of the species. So powerful in fact, that you can almost smell the leather, sweat, and soil that is so familiar to horse lovers everywhere.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


I would like to thank Paula Hammond, NetGalley and Amber Books for affording me the opportunity to review Horses.



Litercurious Book Review

TitleTigers: Stunning Photographs of the World’s
Biggest Cats (Animals) 
AuthorPaula Hammond
PublisherAmber Books Ltd (14 Mar. 2020)
ISBN# 10/131782749659 / 978-1782749653


Paula Hammond has worked as a publisher, copy-writer, ghost-writer, author, and journalist. She has written over 50 fiction and non-fiction books as well as sponsored resources, comics, poetry and scripts for DVDs and CD-ROMS. Clients include Harper Collins, Marshall Cavendish, Scholastic, World Book, Disney, Betty Crocker, and the BBC. She also contributes to a wide variety of news-stand magazines and journals. A selection of her publications can be viewed on Amazon and Pinterest (WriterPaula).


This work has broad appeal for all those who are interested by the wildest of wildlife.


Tigers is more of a photographic folio of the Tiger species than a scientific examination of that big cat. That said, it does not detract from the sheer beauty of this hardcover. It might be more accurate to call it a gallery book.

This monograph is an extravaganza of large, oversized, full color, high quality, photographs. Some of the plates are accompanied by tracts describing aspects of this most noble of the cat species. I was so taken with the subject that I found myself repeatedly flicking through the pages again and again.

The presentation was concise consisting of the following:


Tiger Species

Tiger Habitats

Hunting for Food

Tiger Cubs



Paula Hammond has produced a delightful work of photographic art. It is woven together with interesting tidbits of relevant and related information about the deadliest, most intelligent and magnificent animal that we share the planet with. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” describes Hammond’s book perfectly. If you love big cats, appreciate beautiful pictures or find the Tiger species interesting, then this is a must have book.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


I would like to thank Paula Hammond, NetGalley, and Amber Books Ltd for affording me the opportunity to review Tigers: Stunning Photographs of the World’s Biggest Cats (Animals) .


Litercurious Book Review

TitleHow to Speak Cat: A Guide to Decoding
Cat Language
AuthorAline Alexander Newman & Gary Weitzman, D.V.M.
PublisherHarper Collins
FormatLibrary Binding, Paperback
ISBN #10/13 ASIN#ISBN-10: 9781426318634
ISBN-13: 978-1426318634
ASIN: 1426318634


Aline Alexander Newman and Gary Weitzman, D.V.M. are the authors of How to Speak Cat: A Guide to Decoding Cat Language. Click on their names to find out more about them and their publications.


How to Speak Cat: A Guide to Decoding Cat Language is appropriate for those of any age. The target audience is children and young adults.


The structure of the book guides the reader through the essentials about felines from a veterinarian perspective and includes a quiz as a memory aid. As cats utilize both vocal and physical communication, the authors have provided a comprehensive yet brief breakdown of cat body language. Having owned a cat myself, I am only too aware of the importance of understanding the occult clues of feline behavior. What is abundantly clear, is that cats have a myriad of means to communicate their feelings, emotions and intentions. How to Speak Cat: A Guide to Decoding Cat Language will aid those who fail to pick up on many of the felines nuances and assist them in better addressing their pets concerns. Most importantly, following some of the advice herein contained will avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and ultimately be less stressful for the cat and owner.

Included within the book is a chapter on anti-social or dissonant behaviors is a brief breakdown of issues that can cause problems for both owner and cat. In this chapter biting, spraying and bullying are discussed along with a spectrum of other troublesome activities of some wild cats. Other chapters cover the playful side of your cat or kitten and some advice on how to recognize fear, aggression and frustrations .

The publication is resplendent with a gallery of full color high-quality photographs. The summation is elegant and includes some myth busting, fun ideas for you, your cat, and a fun quiz. There is a list of resources, an index and credits.


Ultimately, I had fun reading How to Speak Cat: A Guide to Decoding Cat Language and it is my opinion that you will also. I read so many intense scientific manuals on a weekly basis, that this publication was a complete breath of fresh air. It is bright, brilliant and informative as well as being amazingly illustrated throughout with colorful photographs. It is a great buy for your home library or as a gift for anyone who loves cats. I strongly recommend this publication to you.


I would like to thank Aline Alexander Newman and Gary Weitzman, NetGalley, and Harper Collins for affording me the opportunity to review How to Speak Cat: A Guide to Decoding Cat Language.


Litercurious Book Review

TitleThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats: A Visual
Directory of Cat Breeds, Plus Practical Information
on Breeding, Training, and Care
AuthorAngela Rixon ARPS
PublisherChartwell Books; Illustrated edition (June 9, 2020)
ISBN # 10/130785838295 / 978-0785838296


Angela Rixon ARPS is President of the Cat Association of Great Britain. She is an ex-show judge, and cat breeder. She is a prolific author with more than 30 publications on cats, horses and canines.


Principally, the target audience is the world of cat lovers, but anyone who loves animals will appreciate the beauty of this encyclopedia.


The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats is the essential guide for every feline fanatic. Resplendent with full color images across the 256 page conspectus. This encyclopedic knowledge of cats is packed with practical information, advice and original ideas for the serious ailurophile.

Whilst it is not an all-embracing examination of every cat breed it is comprehensive enough to satisfy the serious cat lover. The publication covers a brief history of the cat, body types, behaviors, breeding, showing and care.

Even though I do not own a cat, I found the book to be extremely interesting. It offered me a unique insight into the life of cats through the eyes of a devoted professional cat breeder. In addition to the plethora of photographs, there are multiple color illustrations, anatomical drawings and plates. Additionally included within the pages are charts, maps, and a table of feline diseases.


You have to see The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats to believe just how aesthetically pleasing this manual is. It has been a while since I had so much fun reading a reference work. I can highly recommend this text for the exceptional quality of the visuals and the invaluable information contained within.

In my opinion The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats is a wonderful reference work for anyone who owns cat.


I would like to thank Angela Rixon, NetGalley, and Chartwell Books for affording me the opportunity to review The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats.


Litercurious Book Review

TitleBeautiful Horses: Portraits of Champion
Breeds (Part of the Beautiful Animal Series)
AuthorLiz Wright
PublisherIvy Press (March 3, 2020)
FormatPaperback & Softback
ISBN -10 /-131782407790 / 978-1782407799


The prolific author and writer Liz Wright edits Smallholder magazine and is the author of several books on small farming. She is a panel judge for the Ponies Association in the United Kingdom (UK) as well as the British Show Pony Society (BSPS). Liz is a regular judge of Gypsy Cobs and retired race horses at horse shows. She also breeds Exmoors and Welsh Cobs on her own farm and has authored articles for many horse publications, among them Horse & Hound.


All those epicureans with a leaning towards the equine species should anticipate an ocean of pleasure to be derived from this exceptional publication. Even if your interest in horse flesh is in admiring exceptionally beautiful animals then this is a must have book.


Beautiful Horses is a sumptuously illustrated book dedicated to forty the world’s finest horse breeds. The book is illustrated throughout with spectacular full-page color images resplendent with pertinent details relating to the characteristics, temperament, and breed histories. This manuscript is much more than just eye candy.

I particularly enjoyed the peak behind the curtain as the owners prepare their magnificent chargers for the judgement.


Wright’s sumptuously illustrated and expertly collated compendium of pertinent characteristics and facts will have mass appeal for a range of reasons. In short, this book isn’t just another coffee table dust collector but a genuine a thing of beauty in-and-of itself. I heartily recommend this publication to you. If you enjoyed this book you may also enjoy our review of Horses, by Paula Hammond you can find it here.


I would like to thank Liz Wright, NetGalley, and Ivy Press for affording me the opportunity to review Beautiful Horses: Portraits of Champion Breeds.