Litercurious Book Review

TitleThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats: A Visual
Directory of Cat Breeds, Plus Practical Information
on Breeding, Training, and Care
AuthorAngela Rixon ARPS
PublisherChartwell Books; Illustrated edition (June 9, 2020)
ISBN # 10/130785838295 / 978-0785838296


Angela Rixon ARPS is President of the Cat Association of Great Britain. She is an ex-show judge, and cat breeder. She is a prolific author with more than 30 publications on cats, horses and canines.


Principally, the target audience is the world of cat lovers, but anyone who loves animals will appreciate the beauty of this encyclopedia.


The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats is the essential guide for every feline fanatic. Resplendent with full color images across the 256 page conspectus. This encyclopedic knowledge of cats is packed with practical information, advice and original ideas for the serious ailurophile.

Whilst it is not an all-embracing examination of every cat breed it is comprehensive enough to satisfy the serious cat lover. The publication covers a brief history of the cat, body types, behaviors, breeding, showing and care.

Even though I do not own a cat, I found the book to be extremely interesting. It offered me a unique insight into the life of cats through the eyes of a devoted professional cat breeder. In addition to the plethora of photographs, there are multiple color illustrations, anatomical drawings and plates. Additionally included within the pages are charts, maps, and a table of feline diseases.


You have to see The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats to believe just how aesthetically pleasing this manual is. It has been a while since I had so much fun reading a reference work. I can highly recommend this text for the exceptional quality of the visuals and the invaluable information contained within.

In my opinion The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats is a wonderful reference work for anyone who owns cat.


I would like to thank Angela Rixon, NetGalley, and Chartwell Books for affording me the opportunity to review The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats.

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