World’s Greatest Cities – REVIEW

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TitleWorld’s Greatest Cities: A Journey Through the Most
Dynamic and Fascinating Cities in the World
AuthorEditors of Chartwell Books
PublisherChartwell Books (11 Aug 2020) 
ISBN #9780785837947


Editors of Chartwell Books


The World’s Greatest Cities is a book for all those who share a love of travel and exploration. Those who enjoy owning beautiful, high quality products will appreciate this tome. Anyone who has a yearning for knowledge of places beyond their reach or current understanding would benefit from the clear and concise information herein and the convincing visuals. For those who mourn the loss of the Cathedral Notre Dame, the edifice is included in this volume.


Imagine for a moment that you can visit 30 of the most wondrous cities in the world all from the comfort of your own living room; well now you can. The World’s Greatest Cities reference guide from the stable of Chartwell Books, will provide you with such an experience. Whilst this book can never rival actually being there, the visuals provide you with a genuine sense of the neighborhood.

Each of the 30 cities has its own section complete with photos and descriptions. Each section frequently combines several of the following; topographical maps, satellite imagery, detailed architectural illustrations, inset images, the global and national location of each metropolis, and 2 dimensional virtual depictions of specific sites. In addition there are: numerous first person ground level photographs, day and night photographs of various venues, detailed building models including cut aways that reveal hidden secrets of the construction. These elements combine to present a vibrant, colorful, and exciting vision of the 30 metropoleis. The authors also include detailed information relating to each city, a key containing pertinent information relating to specifics about the area and the Global Positioning System (GPS) data.


The authors, illustrators, and photographers of World’s Greatest Cities have created a product beautiful to the eye and intriguing to the mind. It would sit comfortably next to other reference materials in any library.

If I had one concern, it is that I was disappointed with the Hagia Sofia Mosque depictions. Of all the pictures in the entire book, the images of the Mosque were of the most inferior quality, and in my opinion remain a missed opportunity.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed reading World’s Greatest Cities, I didn’t warm to it as much as I did to a similar publication from the same stable. Check out my review of World’s Greatest Wonders to see the differences. Nevertheless, it is a magnificent edition.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


I would like to thank Editors of Chartwell Books, NetGalley, and Chartwell Books for affording me the opportunity to review World’s Greatest Cities.

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