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TitleCatching Fireflies
Author(s)Celina & Leo Lagnado
GenreChildren’s Fiction
ISBN #9781777274207


Catching Fireflies is a children’s fiction publication. It is the debut work of the Lagnado’s. The sole character is a hoarder of beautiful natural things. The story involves Monster as he follows his whim to track down and acquire a selection of insects and objects for his personal collection. He is curious, and acts from a sense of wanting to possess nature.

Once he decides to secure his chosen items, he first gathers together a set of jars in which to display them. Then the hunt is on to discover those things which he finds fascinating. His travels take him from woods, to snow covered fields and to the beach. Eventually Monster has his very own array of nature.

He quickly discovers that nature is best left in its natural habitat and learns a valuable lesson. Nature is best enjoyed out in the open where it is at its best and most beautiful.


The character Monster clearly has a love for all things natural and his love is so great he wants to own them. He quickly discovers that nature can’t remain beautiful unless it is allowed to live free.

It is a morality tale for little children and a tool to teach that you can’t have everything you want, and that sometimes it is better to enjoy things without possessing them.

Rating: 2 out of 5.


I would like to thank Celina & Leo Lagnado, NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for affording me the opportunity to review Catching Fireflies.


Q. Why was the mother firefly upset with her children?

A. They weren’t very bright.

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