Pen and Ink — The Renaissance


I have just read Pen and Ink: The Renaissance, By Judith  of artistcoveries. 

Judith makes a forceful argument in defense of the Renaissance period in art. As I am also passionate about this period and because I very much enjoyed her work I wanted to share it here with you.  Why not head on over to Judith’s site and enjoy a skillfully written and informed account of that period in art history.  The Renaissance was so very important and  those artisans fundamentally, changed the art landscape and influenced many artists who came later. 

I have a feeling that this is not the last artistcoveries article I will be reading.

Judith’s article well researched and and captivating. I enclose a link so you can enjoy it also.  

Why not head on over and read more articles like this one for yourself. You can find it here:

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