Kidnapped by a Client – REVIEW

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TitleKidnapped by A Client: An Attorney’s Fight for Justice at Any Cost
AuthorSharon Muse JD; Holly Lorincz
PublisherSky horse (December 3, 2019)
FormatKindle, Hardcover, Audiobook, Audio CD    
ISBN #1510735941 ISBN -13 (978-1510735941)     

Author’s Bio

The authors of this monograph are Sharon R. Muse and Holly Lorincz. In order to respect the authors privacy, and out of an abundance of caution I will avoid revealing any details beyond their names.

Who is the Target Audience?

As a true crime book this has a broad readership appeal. Those who follow true crimes and punishment would also find this real-life account of Muse and her victimization to be revealing on a number of levels. 


Kidnapped by a Client is a first person account of a horrifying tale of a true-life crime perpetrated against Sharon Muse, a Kentucky attorney at law in 2006. Sharon Muse was abducted, raped, and stalked by a psychopath. In this tome she shares a vivid stark and brutal story, detailing her highs and lows, her ups and downs in the US Judicial System. A judicial system where she struggles to overcome the inherent but necessary bias towards the rights of alleged offenders in preference to the victims of crimes. The partiality towards the perpetrator leaves the victim as a mere source of physical evidence rather than a living, breathing human being. This prejudice often leaving the victims feeling objectified and frustrated by the lack of compassion and understanding.

From Muse’s kidnapping, to her experiences in court she describes the woeful treatment metered out to her by the United States Judicial System. She reveals that even to an experienced lawyer, how seemingly insurmountable some aspects of the law appear to be.

Despite the trials of life that she was exposed to, Muse found great solace and strength in Jesus Christ.     

Muse’s story is as horrifying as it is compelling and immersive. Her odyssey leaves the reader with some disturbing truths and some alarming facts about crime and punishment in the 21st Century.

Her description of panicked apprehension about being held hostage to the lack of compassion or empathy from the authorities to her plight, leaves the reader with a bitter taste. Although this crime occurred in 2006, many of the experiences described could be had by other women today. Perhaps the most galling thing about the handling of her case is the avoidable mistakes made by the police, the collectors of evidentiary materials, and the prosecution.   


In conclusion; Sharon Muse was abducted, raped, and stalked. She fought her case until she won. She persevered through a combination of a thirst for justice, her determination to see her perpetrator punished, and the desire to ameliorate her trauma, guilt, and shame. Ultimately, the victim triumphs not just over the flagitious criminal but over the inept unfeeling justice system itself. In a manner of speaking, she is twice the person the perpetrator could ever wish to be.

If you didn’t read the chapter: THREAT ASSESSMENT: RED FLAGS please do. If you are a vulnerable woman the wealth of information there could help you in a potentially dangerous situation. 


My sincere thanks go to: NetGalley, and the Publisher, Skyhorse for affording me the opportunity to review of Kidnapped by a Client.

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