The Battle of Britain Broadcaster – REVIEW

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Title The Battle of Britain Broadcaster
Author Robert Gardner
Publisher Air World (September 30, 2019)
Format Kindle, Hardcover
Page 272
Language English

Author’s Bio (from Amazon)

“Robert Gardner worked as a journalist for four years before moving into public relations with the British Aircraft Corporation becoming Head of Publicity and later Vice President of British Aerospace and BAE Systems. Robert Gardner, who is now retired, was appointed MBE in 2001.”

Who is the Target Audience?

The Battle of Britain Broadcaster: Charles Gardner, Radio Pioneer and WWII Pilot will appeal to anyone interested in British WWII history. History students will find the contents of this book revealing and a genuine look into the times of Britain’s greatest conflict.


The Battle of Britain Broadcaster is unlikely to be a populist favorite. I felt whilst reading this book that it was a publication too late in the day to ever be truly popular as it might have been. That being said, the book is resplendent with fascinating nuggets of intelligence on a myriad of subjects. I found the involvement of Gardner with Lord Mountbatten on the matter of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip Of Greece when he was attending The Naval collage at Dartmouth at the age of 18 and the Princess was a mere 13 years of age to be most revealing. Gardner managed to go far on a Gammer School Education and reached the dizzying heights of the Ministry of Information and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). During his service to King and Country he established many of the principals of broadcasting that the BBC uses today.


I really did want to love this book, but it never really happened. It felt trapped in the past like a man living off of bygone glories. People in today’s Britain are more concerned with right now rather than with the future or the past. For this publication; the Britain of World War 2 and the Britain of the Eurozone of today are literally worlds apart.


My sincere thanks go to: NetGalley and Air World for affording me the opportunity to review The Battle of Britain Broadcaster: Charles Gardner, Radio Pioneer and WWII Pilot.

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