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The Mystery of the Radcliffe Riddle – REVIEW

Litercurious Book Review

TitleThe Mystery of the Radcliffe Riddle
AuthorTaryn Souders
PublisherSourcebooks Young Readers (July 11, 2023)
FormatKindle, Hardcover, Paperback
GenreChildren’s Mystery, Detective, & Spy
Children’s Humor
ISBN10/13172827141X / 978-1728271415


Taryn Souders was born in Texas. She didn’t plan on being a writer. She worked as a middle school math teacher prior to trying to be a poet. However, serendipitously she turned her poetry into books. She now lives in Florida with her husband and three kids.

Learn more about Taryn Souders at her site https://tarynsouders.com/about-me/


When Eudora “Kooky” Klinch passes away, she leaves Grady a 300-year-old tapestry and a note that reads: “To Whom It May Concern: This is no ordinary piece of needlework. It’s a treasure map. Riddles and clues. To the victor go the riches. Don’t forget to feed the cats.”

Grady and his father are down on their luck. Living very poorly after his mother passes away and the huge debt left from her medical bills, they are forced to sell their last possession; the trailer and 5 acres of land they live on. Grady doesn’t want to leave his friends and everything he knows behind. This is why when they receive the tapestry, Grady feels as if it could fix all of their problems. Only he isn’t the only one interested in obtaining the treasure. Someone else wants the treasure and is willing to steal and even kill for it.

Grady, with the help from his friends Thadddeus Carlton (Thad) and Clementine Powell (Clemmie) race against time and a killer, to discover the treasure and save his home. They have to investigate the images on the tapestry, research the ancient inhabitants of the town, study the local history and remain one step ahead of the villain.

Can they save Grady’s home? Will they unearth the treasure? Can they avoid the killer?


The Mystery of the Radcliffe Riddle is a suspenseful, action-adventure tale. It has drama, mystery, crime, suspense, thrills and murder mixed with a little history. It also has a bit of a “Goonies” feel to it.

The characters are diverse, well composed and the interplay is superb. “Kooky” Klinch, and Ophelia add little bits of unique characteristics to the tale. The plot is easy to follow with plenty of twists and turns.

The War of Jenkins’s Ear features heavily in this book. I must admit, I had never heard of this particular war and so I did some research and learned some interesting history.

Although the book is advertised for reading ages 8-12, I found this book entertaining and enlightening for all ages. Anyone with a little bit of kid left in them will enjoy this book. I highly recommend this book.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


I would like to thank Taryn Souders, Sourcebooks Young Readers, and NetGalley for affording me the opportunity to review The Mystery of the Radcliffe Riddle.





Litercurious Book Review

TitleTen Fingers Touching
AuthorEllen A. Roth MFA
PublisherGetting to the Point, Inc.; First edition (April 12, 2015)


Ellen A. Roth MFA is the author of Ten Fingers Touching. You can find out all about her here


Anyone who enjoys a heartwarming tale sprinkled with love and adventure in equal measure set against the fight between good and evil.


Ten Fingers Touching is a well crafted and sculpted story written by a consummate professional in the person of Ellen A. Roth.

Roth has managed to combine a romance within the epic struggle between the honorable and the malevolent, skillfully woven with a surprising conclusion.

Whilst a brief tale, the story has something for everyone; ethical dilemmas, copious moments of adventure, love interest, and plenty of mystery.

One cannot comment on Roth’s exquisite manuscript without mention of the simply magnificent illustrations produced by John Blumen. Obviously, John completely understood what was required artistically to further enhance a most beautiful fairy-tale. Collectively they make a stunning combination and a spectacular book.

Whilst the story is concise at 110 pages in length it left me wanting to read more. I sincerely hope that Roth follows up with a second offering in the near future. I for one, will be in the queue to purchase a copy.   


Ten Fingers Touching was a joy to discover. It left me with a warm fuzzy feeling that is frequently lacking in many of today’s tales. I enjoyed following the well crafted characters and frankly, I never wanted the tale to conclude. It was engaging throughout and left me wanting more.

A beautifully crafted love story in the midst of adversity with a twist in its tale.

Ten Fingers Touching is a steal at the price right now on Amazon. It is flying off the shelves. I strongly recommend snatching up your copy while they’re still available. It would make an ideal gift for anyone over 10 years old.