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One Giant Leap – Review

Litercurious Book Review

One Giant Leap - Ben Gartner
TitleOne Giant Leap
AuthorBen Gartner
PublisherCrescent Vista Press (February 21, 2023)
FormatKindle, Hardcover
GenreChildren’s Action & Adventure / Children’s Sci-Fi /
Children’s Dystopian / Children’s Survival Story


To find out more about Ben Gartner and what he is up too, check out his website here.


Written mainly through the eyes of Fin, the teenage main character, One Giant Leap is his story. He starts by talking about how he is drifting through space with a leak in his suit and water from his cooling system seeping around his face and mouth. He knows he is about to die drifting forever in the dark void, but then he goes back in time and tells the story of just how and why he ended up in this particular predicament.

Four teenage kids, Fin, David, Kal and Mae, win the ultimate worldwide competition and the grand prize: an all expenses paid trip into outer space!

After all of the physicals, psychological assessments and training; Fin, David, Kal and Mae are on their way to the International Space Station (ISS). Mission plan: stop and resupply the ISS, then move on to the Gateway outpost orbiting the moon to drop off two astronauts, and then slingshot around the moon and head back to earth.

After visiting the ISS the four kids move back into their launch vehicle, Aether, to await the adults; then BAM! The whole space station is turned topsy turvey and sent spinning out of orbit. With holes in the space station, air leaking out and the whole thing spinning uncontrollably the kids are on their own. Separated from the flight crew and their guardians, the kids have to work together and think fast to save themselves and hopefully, the adults.

Will they make it? Can they save themselves? What about the adults trapped on the ISS slowly falling out of orbit to burn up in Earths atmosphere? How long can the astronauts survive on the ISS with all of the oxygen slowly leaking out into space? Can Fin, David, Kal and Mae save themselves? Can they save the adults? Can Mae even fly a spaceship? Will Fin’s body drift forever in the cold dark void of space?


One Giant Leap is Space Camp (1986) meets Gravity (2013). It is an intriguing tale of heroism, overcoming insurmountable odds, faith and courage. Ben Gartner has once again written a story that ignites the imagination and fuels the passion.

It is obvious that Ben did a lot of research for this book. The story plot is solid and the characters are well rounded and established. The interplay between each character is stable and believable. There is plenty of suspense, thrills, sorrow, excitement, danger and mystery in the story to keep the reader riveted to the book.

I not only enjoyed the story, but I really enjoyed all the little tidbits of education that is strewn throughout the book. Ben includes a section at the end that separates the facts from fiction and a glossary. He discusses future space missions and mentions some of the important milestones in space exploration. This book is not only enthralling, but it is educational as well. I highly recommend this book to young and old alike.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


I would like to thank Ben Gartner and Crescent Vista Press for affording me the opportunity to review One Giant Leap.



Litercurious Book Review

Sadie Sprocket Builds A Rocket by Sue Fliess Illustrated by Annabel Tempest



TitleSadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket
AuthorSue Fliess
IllustratorAnnabel Tempest
PublisherTwo Lions (February 1, 2021)
GenreChildren’s Space Exploration, Young Childrens
Fantasy and Adventure, Children’s Technology,
Fiction, Girls and Women’s Books
ISBN 10/13/ASIN‎ 154201803X/978-1542018036/B088FFR2D7


Sue Fliess

Sue Fliess, pronounced “fleece,” is an award winning author. She lives in Northern Virginia with her family and English Labradors. Find out all about her, her books and upcoming books here.


Annabel Tempest

Annabel Tempest is a freelance illustrator living in Somerset, England. She received her fashion/textiles degree in Bristol in the 90’s. You can learn more about her or contact her here.


Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket is an adventure in imagination for children aged 3-7 years. Sadie, a very young girl, wants to be an astronaut some day. So she decides to become the first person on Mars. In her imagination she builds her own rocket and crews it with her stuffed animal friends. Once the rocket is built, she blasts off to explore Mars.

Once on Mars, Sadie and her crew conduct all sorts of scientific experiments. But when the weather starts to turn bad, they have to leave in a hurry. However, all does not go well with the take-off! The rocket gets stuck! Sadie and her friends have to think fast if they want to get back to earth safely.


Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket written by Sue Fliess and illustrated by Annabel Tempest is a little jewel of a book. The story flows well with a lot of rhyming and the illustrations are splendid. The combination of the story and the pictures make this a great read for young children.

The story itself is cute and shows the power of imagination. The story and the depictions are age appropriate. The rhythm of the tale is perfect for this type of book. It is easy to read and understand.

The illustrations are fabulous! Annabel did a great job bringing this story to life. Her depictions are bright and colorful. They fit the story and the tempo. I especially like the drawing of Sadie and her crew trying to play cards in zero gravity.

Sadie’s Notebook at the end was a very nice touch. It has information on Mars and some women who were pioneers in space.

Overall, I must say this is a fabulous little book. This is a great book for a bedtime story.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


I would like to thank Sue Fliess, Two Lions Publishing, and NetGalley for affording me the opportunity to review Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket.



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