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Secrets of the Looking Glass
J. S. Savage
TitleSecrets of the Looking Glass: Volume 2 (The Lost
Wonderland Diaries)
AuthorJ. Scott Savage
PublisherShadow Mountain (September 13, 2022)
Pages368 pages
GenreChildren’s Fantasy & Magic Books
ISBN10/131639930442 / 978-1639930449


Author J. Scott Savage is the author of 19 published novels. He has been a teacher and presenter at writing conferences for adults and youth, and has developed Common Core-aligned projects for elementary school writing curricula. He has presented at more than 3000 schools across the country, inspiring students to read,

write, embrace their own creativity, and change the world. He is represented by Michael Bourret of Dystal, Goderich, and Bourret.

Scott is the author of The Lost Wonderland Diaries, which is the Juvenile Fiction Bronze Medalist for the 2020 Foreword Magazine Indie Book of the Year.

Scott lives in Utah with his wife of 34 years, Jennifer. He has four amazing children, and nine perfect grandchildren. He enjoys reading, watching movies, camping, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Excerpt taken from J. Scott Savage website.


The Secrets of the Looking Glass is the second installment of The Lost Wonderland Diaries series. In this episode our protagonists, Celia Lofton and Tyrus Weller, are tricked by the Bandersnatch and part of their id’s are stolen. Celia has all of her logic taken and Tyrus loses his imagination to mirror images of themselves. The Bandersnatch whisks the two doppelgängers through the looking glass into another dimension.

Celia and Tyrus follow their mirror images and the Bandersnatch through the mirror and find themselves in a strange and conflicted world. In order to become whole once again, they have to convince their other halves to rejoin with them. What follows is an adventure across another dimension, a war between the White and Red Queens, a trip across the uncharted seas and a journey through dangerous mystical lands.

Celia and Tyrus have to overcome a continuous array of obstacles in the search for their other halves. Not only must they pursue their doppelgängers, but they have to keep themselves and their images alive long enough to reunite. Can they do it? Read the book to find out.


Secrets of the Looking Glass is another exceptional book in this series. The author has outdone himself once again in this installment. He has created another world full of imagination and imagery. He filled that world with suspense, thrills, charismatic characters, and a hefty dose of conflict and tension. The plot is well thought out and proceeds along an established, yet exciting pathway. Along the way there are several side plots that have to come together in order to not only save the characters but to also save the Looking Glass world.

If you have not read any books in this series, I strongly recommend that you do. The Lost Wonderland Dairies (Book 1) is a masterpiece in itself. These books will appeal to all reading ages. WARNING! Once you start reading it is very difficult to stop.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


We would like to thank J. Scott Savage, Shadow Mountain and NetGalley for affording us the opportunity to read and review Secrets of the Looking Glass: Volume 2 (The Lost Wonderland Diaries)