WORD 2019 Intermediate Desktop Reference and Cheat Sheet – REVIEW

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TitleWord 2019 Intermediate Desktop Reference
and Cheat Sheet: Formatting, Mailings,
References, Tables, Collaboration, Security,
and Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows/macOS)
AuthorIn 30 Minutes
Publisheri 30 Media (February 19, 2020)
GenreHigher Education, Senior School,
Researchers, Professional Writers, Authors,
and the curious.
ISBN# 10/131641 8804 22 / 978 1614 8804 22


My first impression of In 30 Minutes Word 2019 Intermediate Desktop Reference and Cheat Sheet for Windows and Mac Operating Systems is, it’s comprehensive, clear, and concise. The pamphlet supports features that intermediate users value the highest. The 4-page pamphlet includes such sections as: How to create citations, a bibliography, how to use internal links in documents, how to create an index and offers guidance on using collaboration within Word 2019.

In 30 minutes Word 2019 is a must have for all those wanting to streamline their productivity and increase their efficiency in Microsoft Word.

Its conciseness is its strength. The most critical elements for the intermediate user are covered and supported with an extensive keyboard shortcut list. A list that aids the user in finding, using, and learning the most important shortcuts for faster document production.

Word 2019 is just one of many In 30 Minutes Reference and Cheat Sheets available. Please see the section below for further details.


The pamphlet is clear, easy to understand. It covers all the intermediate essential information. It is short enough to cover all the most relevant information and long enough to encompass all the facts. It is clearly indebted: First Page: Reference and Cheat Sheet, Formatting | Mailings | References, Followed by Tables | Review | Collaboration. Last Page contains Keyboard Shortcuts.

Cheat Sheets and Reference pamphlets are useful tools in the arsenal of the writer and Word 2019 will give you the edge.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


I would like to thank i 30 Media, NetGalley and In 30 Minutes for affording me the opportunity to review: Word 2019 Intermediate Desktop Reference and Cheat Sheet:


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