BANANA & BONE: The Feed Me Series – REVIEW

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TitlesBanana: Feed the hungry animals &
Bone: Feed the hungry pets
Author Banana: Carly Madden
Bone: Carly Madden & Laurie Stansfield
PublisherQuarto Publishing – Words & Pictures
FormatBoard Books
PageEach book has 6
ISBN #Banana: 9780711251915
Bone: 9780711251892


Carly Madden has worked in publishing for over 14 years and is Senior Editor at QED. She lives in Essex, Great Britain with her family.


Before the Internet, a pop-up book was the thing closest you could get to an interactive read. What a pleasure to see then that the old technology is still holding strong in the cyber age.

Banana & Bone are both board books of the pop up variety. Each book has six pages of attractive and captivating full color illustrations of animals.

In Banana the characters include: a monkey, a crocodile, a bird and a giraffe. In Bone the main character is a dog and he is accompanied by a black cat, a sleepy rabbit and a hungry parrot. Banana and Bone are both children’s non-fiction activity books containing short sentences and pictures throughout.    

Banana and Bone are the product of Quarto Publishing. In my opinion Quarto is synonymous for quality in children’s literature. Their publications are always beautifully illustrated, age appropriate and vibrantly eye catching. They know what children want, and they produce magnificent works every time. I was overjoyed to receive both publications as Advanced Review Copies (ARC’s) in return for my considered opinion.

My first impression of the books was positive. They both brought a smile to my face. The large bold image of monkey on the front page of Banana and the goofy tan colored dog with black ears on Bone almost made me laugh. I can only imagine the sheer excitement and yearning of a small child when they see one for the very first time. This made for a great first impression. I assure you your child will have the same reaction at seeing these gorgeous little offerings. The books are brief at only six pages but they’re filled with large exceptionally drawn, vividly colored and immersive illustrations.

Please note the guidance on the rear of the books suggests that the work is not appropriate for children under 3 years old.    


Both publications have the visage’ of eye catching bright, light and vivid animal illustrations that any young child would enjoy. It is not hard to imagine Mom, Dad or Grandparents reading Banana or Bone to a child; captivating, entertaining and educating them. 

I am unable to attest to the esthetic mechanics of the books as I only have a digital copy for review. The description suggests that there will be food shapes and the child is encouraged to place the image of the food into the mouth of the relevant animal.

The books concept is a solid one based on the familiar sensation for any child; that is one of being hungry and of wanting to sate their appetite. The child is encouraged to feed the animals fostering him/her to learn empathy, love, and understanding of the world beyond themselves. This combined with the fun of feeding the illustrated animals acts as a character-building exercise as much as it reinforces happiness, contentment and nurturing.  

I have no doubt that Banana or Bone would quickly become a firm favorite of any young child. 

Vibrant, exciting, and interactive; what is not to like?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


I would like to thank Carly Madden, NetGalley and Quarto Publishing for affording me the opportunity to review Banana and Bone from the Feed the hungry animals Series.


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A. They dribble.


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