Litercurious Book Review

TitleThe Lost Wonderland Diaries
Author/IllustratorJ. Scott Savage
PublisherShadow Mountain (Sep 8, 2020)
FormatKindle, Audiobook, Hardcover
ISBN 10/131629727865 / 978-1629727868


J. Scott Savage is a noted author and presenter. He was a teacher and developed Common Core-aligned projects for elementary school writing curricula. He routinely presents at schools across the country inspiring the youth of today to embrace their creativity. He has been nominated for several awards. You can learn more about him on his website here.


This book is intended for children 8-11 years old or grade level 4-6. I will testify that people of all ages will enjoy this story, as I am much older than 11 and I enjoyed this very much.


The Lost Wonderland Diaries is a wonderful story about a young girl and her friend in Wonderland. Celia is the main character and she is dyslexic. She befriends a young boy named Tyrus who happens to be a book worm. Together they accidently get sucked into Wonderland. Their guide in Wonderland is a charming new character named Sylvan. She is a young rabbit, barely out of bunnyhood, and tasked with finding “Alice” to save Wonderland. Together they have many adventures.

Celia is the daughter of a librarian, which for her is a nightmare because of her difficulty reading. Due to her dyslexia, Celia has put more effort into learning mathematics. Tyrus is a bit of a book nerd with a giant imagination. Celia and Tyrus must combine her knowledge of math with his imagination and knowledge of books to solve puzzles and riddles while making their way through Wonderland and avoiding its hazards.

Something terrible is happening in Wonderland when they arrive. The characters are being turned into monsters! Celia, Tyrus and Sylvan must navigate a variety of hazards, puzzles and monsters not only to get home but to stop whatever is happening in Wonderland. With the help of some of the original cast of characters and a few new ones, they work their way through wonderland discovering not only what is happening, but they discover themselves in the process!


The Lost Wonderland Diaries is a magical book! J. Scott Savage does a superb job of bringing his characters to life. The story line is exceptional, intriguing, and educating. I love books that can entertain as well as teach, and this book does it all.

The little puzzles that the main characters have to solve are wonderfully crafted and educational. J. Scott Savage does a great job of introducing his readers to the problems associated with dyslexia and the difficulties coping with the disability.

I whole heartily recommend this book for anyone of all ages.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I would like to thank J. Scott Savage, NetGalley and Shadow Mountain for affording me the opportunity to review The Lost Wonderland Diaries.


Q. Why did the rabbit try to eat a diamond?

A. Because someone told him it was 2 carats.


1 / 11