According to Kate – REVIEW

Litercurious Book Review

Title According to Kate: The Legendary Life of Big Nose
Kate, Love of Doc Holliday
Author Chris Enss
Publisher TwoDot (October 1, 2019)
Format Kindle, Hardcover     
Page 184     
Language English     
ISBN # 1493037730 ISBN-13 #: (978-1493037735)       

Author’s Bio

Chris Enss is a prolific and professional writer with decades of experience and more than 40 titles on the subject of the historic West. She holds numerous awards as well as being a New York Times Best Seller. 

Who is the Target Audience?

History buffs and those with a penchant for Western History are likely to enjoy this presentation. In addition, those whose interests range from women’s history and biography may also find the book an enjoyable read.


The title revolves around the real-life adventures of Kate Elder the amour of the notorious Doc Holiday. The Wild West was an unforgiving environment for women, and it appears to have taken a rare toughness of mind and character combined with smarts to exist among the rough and tumble men. Enss shows the other, softer side of Kate Elder aka Big Nose Kate. Kate was gifted in many crafts. In writing this book Enss has given Big Nose Kate an epitaph she missed in the days of old. 

Enss work shines from her masterful and crafted prose and her obvious respect for her subject. The familiarity Enss has of the life and times of the Old West is clear. According to Kate is a pleasant and interesting read about a character that history almost forgot. A female that although long dead is brought to life again through the professional writing skill of Enss. I did feel at times that the pace of the book was a little too slow. 


The story written by Enss revolves around the female character of Big Nose Kate, aka Kate Elder, the sometimes wife of Doc Holiday. She lived in the tumultuous times of the 1800s in places such as Tombstone, Arizona, among many others. 

Overall, the book is worthy of your time.


My sincere thanks go to: NetGalley, and the Publisher, TwoDot for affording me the opportunity to review According to Kate: The Legendary Life of Big Nose Kate, Love of Doc Holliday.