Litercurious Book Review

TitleJust Draw Botanicals
AuthorHelen Birch
PublisherWhite Lion Publishing (March 3, 2020)
ISBN #10 /#130711251320 / 978-0711251328     


Helen Birch is the collator of this unique compendium of magnificent literary work of art. She lives in Manchester, United Kingdom. You can find her blog here and here. Her Pinterest page can be found here, and her Twitter is located here.


This is suitable for any epicurean of exceptional artistic expertise.


This work is far more than a coffee table book. It is of Gallery quality in its presentation and content. The publication consists of a corollary of disparate international artists, united in their ability to illustrate 90 plants and flowers to an extraordinary level.

The book has full-page spreads of incredibly detailed botanical subjects, from a broad range of subjects. The professional expertise shines through on page after page. This level of artistic skill requires many thousands of hours of practical and theoretical application; with each painting requiring days or weeks of work to complete.

Whilst this is not a training manual for aspiring artists, it would make for an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to attain a higher competency in their craft.

The artistic styles and objects vary throughout the literature, thereby presenting a diverse and interesting presentation across the book. The author includes descriptions of each piece and suggested methods should the reader wish to attempt a similar subject. The format of the display pages has illustrations on one page and the previously mentioned tips and information on the other.

The fulcrum of the work is the Gallery. Alongside the gallery is a student to professional resource where there is some guidance on how to get started in botanical painting. The author includes reference pages and bibliographies for further study.


This is a stunning treasure of skill and ability created by a collection of global painters. It would increase the beauty and visual value of any bookcase or home library. Just Draw Botanicals has elevated the standard of botanical drawing compositions exceedingly high, forsaking many others.


My sincere thanks go to Helen Birch, NetGalley, and White Lion Publishing for affording me the opportunity to review Just Draw Botanicals.